Leads the vascular way

Robotic-assisted microcatheter to easily navigate through tortuous blood vessels

Investigational device, not for sale in the USA

Navigating the vascular system in minimally invasive interventional procedures can be difficult, time consuming and as a result, lengthy in radiation exposure time.

The EndoWays fully disposable robotic system has an innovative design which combines unique propulsion with steering at the patient’s bedside or a few feet away. It allows for easy deliverability with less radiation.


The EndoWays system is designed to:

Facilitate easy and safe super selective access

Wireless operation can significantly reduce physician’s radiation exposure

Provide a cost-effective solution

Be fully disposable and ready to go from the box in minutes

The EndoWays system is currently undergoing animal studies and will be marketed for interventional radiology procedures such as liver embolization, BPH, neuroradiology and more.

The total addressable market for vascular interventions in the U.S. exceeds $2 billion.


Noam Shamay, CEO

Seasoned entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in the field of minimally invasive vascular interventions

Maya Karnibad, lead engineer

Experienced R&D engineer in the medical device industry, specializing in catheter development

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