Leads the vascular way

Robotic-assisted microcatheter to easily navigate through tortuous blood vessels

Investigational device, not for sale in the USA

Navigating the vascular system in minimally invasive interventional procedures can be difficult, time consuming and as a result, lengthy in radiation exposure time.

The EndoWays fully disposable robotic system has an innovative design which combines unique propulsion with steering at the patient’s bedside or a few feet away. It allows for easy deliverability with less radiation.


The EndoWays system is designed to:

Facilitate easy and safe super selective access

Wireless operation can significantly reduce physician’s radiation exposure

Provide a cost-effective solution

Be fully disposable and ready to go from the box in minutes

The EndoWays system is currently undergoing animal studies and will be marketed for interventional radiology procedures such as liver embolization, BPH, neuroradiology and more.

The total addressable market for vascular interventions in the U.S. exceeds $2 billion.


Noam Shamay,
Founder & CTO

Leader, inventor and entrepreneur dedicated to the identification of new opportunities and development of new medical devices and technologies . Setting up and managing life sciences-oriented ventures, new company organizational build up and the development and execution of: IP, Clinical, Regulatory, Technical and Marketing strategies.

German Aleynikov,
Senior R&D Engineer

Experienced R&D engineer in the medical device industry, leading the development of robotic transport system in EndoWays, including the establishment of production line. Board member at EndoWays.
With 20 years of experience in the medical industry, served as an expert in production technology at large companies such as Medinol, Ovalum, STI and Resonatics.
As a technological leader, specializes in production processes. Transfer from development to production; establishment of production lines; development of automation and optimization systems for production lines; experience as a team leader, managing, developing and recruiting of employees.
Knowledgeable with laser, braiding, laser welding, electropolish, thermal treatments etc. Graduated the Polytechnic Institute, Kiev. M.Sc. degree in Informaticsand Computer Science.

Amos Bracha,
Mechanical designer & Robotics

Experienced R&D engineer in the medical device industry specializing in development manufacturing, laser process development, and knowledge of medical device directives (ISO and FDA) proven proficiency in fixture design, process development, and statistical analysis.laser process development experience in laser ablation, laser cutting, laser welding marking engraving applications, and machining process robotics and 3D technology. Transfer from development to production. Experience in product design, process development (IQ/OQ/PQ), and production support in the medical device industry and mass production.Managing and recruiting engineering personnel – including managing and guiding employees and subcontractors, approving designs and implementation, as well as dealing with suppliers and customers.Over 20 years of experience in the field of medical device companies such as Resonatics Ltd, STI Ltd. Niti Surgical Solution Ltd, Novogi Ltd.
Board member at EndoWays.

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